The FDP Party objectives encompass the tackling of entrenched misperceptions and prejudices that generate deeply rooted inequities within society whilst at the same time take into account legitimate views of Guilds, Trade Unions and Employers Federations

The FDP appreciates the nature and benefits of a modern advanced western society whilst at the same time acknowledging the values of other diverse social systems.

The environment is a crucial consideration for a modern progressive society. The most obvious examples being unpolluted water and clean air, without which the health of the whole nation is at risk, compounded by the threat of global warming.

Democracy requires access to information by means of a free press; TV; and radio, exercising their social responsibility to the people, and a true Freedom of Information Act which means disclosing civil service and legal advice given to the government, excepting circumstances prejudicing the Security services. After all, the prime minister has a fiduciary duty to the populous, as our agent, and it is the duty of an agent to truthfully inform his master; we the citizens. Never again shall Britain be forced into war by deception.

Any political party must take the responsibility for the establishment of effective, high quality and accountable public services, and an equitable taxation system with the objective of eliminating regressive tax disproportionately penalising the poorest among us.

The FDP see the principle function of Government as guaranteeing that all citizens benefit from and experience such essential human rights as a place to live; adequate health care; the right and opportunity to education and employment. To this end, all government targets shall be abolished: governments do not have the expertise to micro manage industries or institutions. There is no history of government departments having proved themselves fit for such a purpose.

The FDP Party favours an efficient and competitive public sector, operating in an open mixed economy, and would only intervene in circumstances where the free market had failed or where there is no actual competition.

Every citizen must have equal opportunity to experience and participate in the social and cultural life of the UK To this end the minister of education should facilitate and encourage this by ensuing that all school curricula (state and private) provide sufficient opportunity to appreciate the nature and importance of cultural diversity. The FDP is committed to the preservation and promotion of all UK native languages as our historic linguistic heritage. In like manner foreign language teaching will be fostered from the earliest school years.

The FDP will support the development of a democratic, social and Economic European Union whilst also promoting further devolution to the individual nation States of Britain. The EU must be a federation of Separate Sovereign States not a FederalSuperState.

The FDP Party concludes and postulates that its principles and values provide the best means by which Britain can be transformed into a more equal, safe, caring and prosperous society.

The FDP seeks to enrol into the Party all persons who share its vision, particularly all those socially committed citizens who were of a mind to stand for political office as independent candidates and of course all those disillusioned by the antics and failings of the present "main stream" doctrinaire parties: including sitting MP's who currently sit uncomfortably on either government or opposition benches.

The FDP Party will at all times endeavour to promote the principles and objectives of this Constitution, and will implement these policies in any government it forms either unilaterally or with others endorsing such principles.

The Party intends to take part in all elections including the Westminster elections, parliamentary by-elections, local elections, Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly elections, as and when local constituency parties are established.

The above guiding principles are expanded upon in the attached Appendices of Policy and Discussion Papers.

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