The PMC shall establish a Standing Orders Committee which shall be chaired by the Party Secretary and be responsible for maintaining and updating Party rules generally and advising the conference Standing Orders Committee.

A Conference Committee shall be formed and chaired by the Party Chairman and will have the responsibility for all matters relating to the agenda of the Party Conference, and the selection of motions for debate.


The Party Chairperson shall have overall control and authority over the conduct of the Party Conference; shall preside over the general open meetings of the Conference (any Study Groups or Sub-committees to appoint their own chairperson) and shall make such determinations and interpretation of Standing Orders and procedures as he/she deems appropriate, taking into account any representations expressed by delegates.


1. The PMC shall be responsible for the preparation of the Conference and shall appoint a Conference Procedures Committee (CPC) which shall draw up a Preliminary Agenda. This Preliminary Agenda shall be distributed to all persons entitled to nominate delegates to the Conference.

2. Any delegate or person entitled to appoint delegates to the Conference may submit motions for inclusion on the Preliminary Agenda.

3. In consultation with the SOC the CPC will prepare the Final Agenda for prior distribution to conference delegates for their deliberation, debate and determination at conference.

4. The responsibility of the CPC shall be the overall management procedures of the Party Conference. Additionally, the administration of the Conference budget shall be in the domain of the CPC.


1. The Conference shall convene a Standing Orders Committee (SOC) giving consideration to the names of the nominee proposers and seconders, and the domicile of the nominee and the person proposing the nominee in order to ensure the widest spectrum of representation.

2. The SOC shall meet as is deemed necessary prior to the Conference for such purposes as:-

(a) reviewing the arrangements and management of the Conference procedures

(b) make such additional recommendations to the Chairperson it feels appropriate, giving its views and

guidance on any conference issues, motions or procedures.

3. It shall be in the Chairperson's domain to decide how any particular recommendation shall be treated: whether it should simply be noted or whether the Agenda should be amended and the matter debated.

4. The SOC and the PMC shall collectively advise the Conference Chairperson on any necessary rulings of Standing Orders in relation to the Conference and the Party Constitution generally.


1. Voting shall be by a show of hands, and be decided by a simple majority. The Conference Chairperson shall declare the result: provided always that the Chairperson may, whenever he or she considers it too close to make a definitive determination, order that a division be taken on a secret card vote.


1. The SOC shall propose a chief teller. The chief teller shall be assisted by others as approved by the Committee.

2. The duty of the chief teller shall be to ensure accurate counting and or recording of the votes on every division taken.

3 The SOC shall maintain overall authority to supervise and control voting procedures.


1. All delegates shall, when call upon to speak, give his or her name and the name of the person or body that nominated them.

2. The proposer of a motion shall be permitted to speak for six minutes before all other speakers on the motion, and again after all other speakers, for a further four minutes responding to the debate.

3. The Conference Chairperson shall decide on the order and number of speakers in each debate.

Following the proposer's response to the debate, or declination to speak a second time, no further discussion can take place on that motion and the Conference Chairperson shall then call for a vote.

4. If the motion is passed it shall become an approved conference resolution subject only to ratification by the PMC.


1. The business of a Party Conference shall be deemed to terminate at the time set for closure by the SOC, unless a motion that it should conclude at some other time had received prior approval by the Conference.


Any of the foregoing Standing Orders may be suspended by a motion approved by a 55% majority of the then present delegates.

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