The Free Democratic Party's principal objectives are Social Responsibility, sustainable economic viability, and freedom for all law abiding citizens.

The principal role of any government is to exercise Social Responsibility enabling all citizens to live a private life with the minimum of statutory burdens whilst facilitating and encouraging their participation in national and local communities, and contributing to authorities and organisations who's decisions may affect their lives, and whilst at the same time exercising a duty of care towards the under privileged. Accordingly;-

The FDP recognises the right of all citizens to participate fully in society with the minimum of interference from the State

The FDP Party is a democratic party seeking to protect citizens (particularly the weak and under privileged) in a world dominated by greed and selfishness.

The FDP Party was founded in 2010, by Clifford Craig, an international commercial and contracts consultant with 30 years experience; the last 20 years predominantly negotiating multi-million pound contracts with the US Dept. of Defence. Previously a local Labour Party Chairman, having become totally disillusioned by new labour's betrayal and deceptions, and acutely aware that all the old establishment parties were locked into hide-bound historical doctrines, and there was a public yearning for an all-inclusive party recognising there are Rights, Duties and Responsibilities on all sides.

The FDP stands for democratic, workable solutions to confront these challenges at home and abroad.

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