The name of the Party has been chosen to reflect the Party's principles and objectives.

Free Democratic Party ( The Party) with Social Society Objectives.

cliff_craigFree because that will be/is the guiding principle under which the Party and its individual members will be expected to conduct themselves: ie. not doctrinaire. Democratic because not only does a political party get its mandate from the public, the FDP commits itself to conduct government in accordance with its election mandate, and not by unrepresentative Cabinet Cabals. Also, the FDP is/will be prepared to co-operate with other Democratic parties espousing FDP principles and policies.

Free because there will be no whipping to force through unsupportable policies; what's the point of spending hours in debate, ostensibly to examine the merits and logic of any proposal, only to be whipped into submission, contrary to one's true beliefs.

Free because all independently minded people are invited to participate, and all prospective independent candidates for local and general elections are invited to coalesce around and nominate themselves as FDP Party candidates. By this means you will maintain your intellectual independene under an "un Whipped" FDP whilst at the same time benefiting from the collective strength of a group of like minded people. 

Free because the FDP will be/is a Party of free thinking people encompassing radical views (in the true sense, ie. going to the root of the problem) and not strapped by hide-bound entrenched prejudices.

Free because it will not accept donations (however dressed up) in the expectation of acquiring influence or benefit.

With Social objectives because the first principle of any political party must be the Social Responsibility for every individual citizen within society, and for society as a whole, as distinct from a Socialist Party, which history has shown, is the absolute antithesis of a socially responsible party.

Democratic because that must be the modus operandi of the Party itself, and of the way any party responds to and reflects the aspirations of society as a whole, and not just to the prejudices of core supporters, because democracy bestows a duty of social responsibility for all citizens, and not just for those who vote; or vote for the FDP. Social responsibility being the principle that demands all sections of society are of equal worth. No bias being accorded to big business; the trade unions; or any vocal or vested interest. By the same token that all citizens are equal before the Law, all person and groups shall be considered equal under the precept of FDP Social Responsibility, without favour for any faction.

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